Viuna Absorption Chillers

The First Manufactureer of Absorption Hight Quality Chillers in Iran

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Viuna Photo News

Setting up viuna 700 USRT Steam fired single effect chiller in Abadan Petrochemical plant

Setting up viuna 500 USRT chiller in Malard Project

Viuna 500 USR ton PLC control panel in Malard project

Viuna 700 USR ton Absorption chiller during shipment

Viuna Absorption Chillers Unique Features

Spraying Twin Tubes

Upward holes spraying twin copper tubes technology, stops the perpetual concern with respect to the cooling capacity decrease generated thru clogging

Auto De-Crystallization

The chiller is provided with an auto de-crystallization line with temperature sensor protecting itself from crystallization during operation

Stainless Steel

All surfaces in Viuna chillers are stainless steel , for durability and corrosion resistance

Geometric Design

Single shell design for single effect cycles and double shell design for double effect cycles

Automatic Purging

Automatic purging system which continuously and automatically removes non condensable gases from the shell side and stores them in a tank

PLC Control Panel

PLC based control panel with HMI display plus user friendly interface and data logging system

Wide Range Capacity

Viuna HVAC Ind. offers the widest absorption chiller size and model selection available in the HVAC industry. Eighty sizes range from 30~2000 US refrigeration (USR) tons in single effect and double effect absorption chillers

Accurate Software Design

All Viuna chillers are designed and calculated with special softwares which has been developed by Viuna research team since 1995.Viuna, from its conception has been seriously devoted to increasing its research and development capability with regards to the mentioned product range, sizes and features of its absorption chillers

Testing Procedure

Viuna LiBr type absorption chiller units working pressure is under vacuum conditions, so producing of these units is very important with respect to leak tightness. Hence it is necessary to perform the leak detection tests such as Nitrogen test, Helium test, tube side hydraulic test

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